Not wheels and tyres but car jack !!

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Re: Not wheels and tyres but car jack !!

Postby John_W » Tue 12.04.2016, 13:05

I don't think that I've ever used the rear jacking points on my SE (tyre fitting and exhaust places have used them, though). My rear wheel comes off the ground when I jack the front up, and if I'm working on rear brakes, I use a trolley jack under the centre rear chassis channel (with a wood load-spreading support I've rigged up) to lift both rears at the same time.
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Re: Not wheels and tyres but car jack !!

Postby GeoffSmith » Tue 12.04.2016, 13:51

I must admit to the odd titter when people started fitting rear suspension struts and discovering that they could lift both wheels with the front jack.
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Re: Not wheels and tyres but car jack !!

Postby Rambo » Tue 12.04.2016, 18:56

GeoffSmith wrote:I must admit to the odd titter....

Welcome back Timmo ;-)
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Re: Not wheels and tyres but car jack !!

Postby Tuga2112 » Fri 03.06.2016, 00:49

On the same topic but a bit of a thread Steal.

I am aware of the 4 conical jacking points plus the extra 4 positions closer to the centre of the SE as alternative jacking points.
Is there any other places that are safe to use ? (ideally some that will allow both rear/front wheels up and stands to be placed into the cones)

My driveway has an annoying set-up. (2 lines of concrete slabs to drive through and pebbles in the middle and all around. )
I have been coping by moving some slabs I made around when jacking the car and putting the axle stands (I remove the pebbles to get to firm ground for the slabs) on them.
If there was a central jacking place for the whole rear/front that i could use safely it would avoid moving slabs around every time I do some work.
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