Elans for sale in North America

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Postby TorqueHorse » Thu 23.03.2023, 16:12

(not mine, but) With a no-reserve auction, somebody will be going home happy with this drive & enjoy car.
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Re: BRG on BAT

Postby vroom1 » Fri 21.04.2023, 15:57

TorqueHorse wrote:(not mine, but) With a no-reserve auction, somebody will be going home happy with this drive & enjoy car.

That "happy" person would be me. The car looked great in the pictures and person not so much. The vehicle was restored via O'Rilley generic parts and is far from great shape. The vehicle was in two front end accidents in 92 and 93. It was thought that this went under a full proper restoration, because why wouldn't a Lotus be? Well whoever purchased it treated like a rat rod Miata and just slapped whatever they could find into it. Well guess who gets to bring it back to its proper glory and do a full restoration. Issues found with it are the following.

• Fuel leak from where hard line meets the fuel rail. - Replaced O-Ring as a fix
• Radiator fans were not working causing the engine to overheat - Relay and fuses were replaced and fan bearings were sprayed with rust penetrating spray and run a couple of times with the grounding method and then sprayed with a lubricant spray. Fans are now spinning freely without any grinding noises when starting up or stopping.
• Spark plus were fouled - I've replaced them and was able to boost to .7 BAR a couple times, since then have barley hit .5 BAR.
• The paint is hand painted with a brush, without a clear coat. I guess that makes it a true BRG…
• Underframe is crumpled and needs to be replaced
• Torn CV Boot leaking everywhere
• Leaking steering rack
• Leaking coolant - Planning for Samco silicone replacement kit
• Torn ball joints
• Oil cooler lines leaking horribly and soaking through the insulation that when you squeeze them lightly oil pools out
• Bad fuel smell when over 3/4 of a tank . Fuel tank was said to be replaced but the smell is very much present
• All hood seals are missing and a rain guard was sown into the top instead of replacing the seals. So direct access to the elements is available through the windows.
• Bonnet clip was broken and the solution was Velcro wrapped around the bonnet prop and a flat piece on the bonnet. I've since replaced it with the proper $4 clip and 2min of time. This gives you an idea of the corners that were cut.
• Washer fluid lines were replaced with cheap flimsy tubing that are not properly secured and leak
• All wheel arch liners are missing and large debris was found in the air filter canister
• Hood and boot stowage seals are not OEM or even close to proper seals/ They are cheap generic foam seals that do not provide any water proofing
• Window seals are not proper and do not have the brush seals. - Replacements have been ordered
• Windows are not properly alinged and place too much pressure on the lift mechanism
• Door cards were not installed properly after maintenance they performed and are angled.
• Hood stowage liner, battery cover, and carpet is completely missing. They installed cheap flimsy black carpet and screwed into the body with folded cardboard at the bottom for "support"
• Turn signal indicator does not illuminate on the instrument cluster
• Steering wheel is not OEM and the Lotus center cover was epoxied to the replacement steering wheel
• Shifter and handbrake boots are cheap plastic vinyl that are torn
• Boot is missing 90% of the carpet and support
• No tail light cover on the right rear light
• No tail light interior boot covers
• Boot light, switch, and power cables are missing completely
• Burned out lights on some fascia switches
• Lotus logo wheel centers were epoxied in place and had to be broken out to balance the wheels
• Tires were over 10 years old and sold as "drivable"
• Arial antenna has been removed and sealed off
• Giant Speakers drilled in behind the seats
• Tweeters cut into the door card
• No power to head unit

Other than that, the car is perfect!
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Re: BRG on BAT

Postby LLnuggets » Wed 05.07.2023, 00:10

I am not very fond of the color combo on this car.
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