Assorted nuts and washers for a (i hope) very good price (UK

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Assorted nuts and washers for a (i hope) very good price (UK

Postby Tuga2112 » Sun 07.12.2014, 16:23

I think it may be worth letting everyone in the forum know i gone past wilkinsons yesterday and found this "pick and mix" bags on the DIY section. 2.99 for a large bag an 1.99 for the small one.

they have M5 M6 and M8 nuts (M6 also have the square ones... anyone else thinking wheel arch?) and washers, they also have various size screws that im sure we can make use of.

After a quick check online someone claimed they are zinc plated assuming thats correct i think this seems like a good deal.

i filled up the big bag, jusging by the weight its about 1.5kg to 2 (afraid i cant give any close estimate. im just comparing by holding a 2lt botle nearly full and it seems to weight about the same

I got all that was left M5 and mostly M6 with a fair share of M8 nuts. needless to say if your thinking about raiding the stafford wilko its too late, im sure someone else had the same idea as I cus the stock seemed rather low.

by the way, heres a pic from someone else who got the same deal.

I havent got a spare box but the supply seems pretty much the same
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