TEXAS NEW MEMBER - who mentioned John Callahan

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TEXAS NEW MEMBER - who mentioned John Callahan

Postby enthusiasmos » Thu 02.02.2023, 21:36

Greetings (again) from TEXAS. I believe a Member on this site sent me info re John Callahan (ex-Lotus Shop owner/operator) >>> please Resend. Seeking someone who knows him well enough to help facilitate 'Communication' with him. [Have been exchanging emails... but has been 'wandering' off the topic we started with...] I'm no spring chicken myself anymore, so i can understand. Maybe someone can 'assist'..?
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Re: TEXAS NEW MEMBER - who mentioned John Callahan

Postby Tuga2112 » Thu 02.02.2023, 23:28

he goes by name
on the forum.
i had dealings with him in more than one ocasion and always got my items delivered, and i know exactly what you mean by comunication. more than onse, when trying to comunicate with him via PM i had dificulties getting the information from him i asked, but he is active in the forum and trying to sell hes stock of m100 parts.

unfortunately, due to the comunication issues, i never actually found out what he has in stock in order to help him lift some of it in my direction.
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Re: TEXAS NEW MEMBER - who mentioned John Callahan

Postby TorqueHorse » Mon 06.02.2023, 02:15

Well John still posts on the forum occasionally, so maybe he can help you himself... :-D

But in the meantime, here is his website which has his phone number at the bottom http://www.lotusm100.com/ in case you wanted to try a different form of communication instead of email.

And my best advice is that if you have the part number already identified, that will really help isolate what you are talking about. (and if you need help getting the part number you can download the parts guide from the Manuals section of this site, above).
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