Hazard Switch

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Hazard Switch

Postby mike11trueman » Mon 01.02.2021, 20:26

Hi All
I know there are many threads around concerning the Hazard Switch, but as I now have a MOT failure I am seeking a replacement. Brought one recently off eBay which claimed to be compatible but wasn't.
If anybody is breaking or has one they would like to sell please let me know.

Many thanks
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Re: Hazard Switch

Postby GeoffSmith » Mon 01.02.2021, 21:52

To save others getting incorrect switches, what is the GM part number on the switch you have Mike?
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Re: Hazard Switch

Postby Kipperozzy » Mon 01.02.2021, 23:22

Hi Mike, I managed to get mine working again by stripping it down and cleaning the contacts, believe these get corroded from lack of use so I regularly switch mine on now and it’s fine
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Re: Hazard Switch

Postby cliff » Fri 09.04.2021, 21:26


sorry, a little late. I have a spare if you still need one.
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Re: Hazard Switch

Postby lancselanman » Mon 26.04.2021, 13:12

cliff wrote:Mike,

sorry, a little late. I have a spare if you still need one.

Can I buy the hazard switch if still available?

My Elan now off the road until I find a working replacement.

David P.
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Re: Hazard Switch

Postby Burningflash » Sun 06.06.2021, 22:03

I have one
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