Module, Headlamp Pod Lift

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Module, Headlamp Pod Lift

Postby jimp357 » Tue 13.06.2023, 12:10

Hi all... really need a Headlamp Pod Lift Module, A100M6027F...Please PM me if you have one going spare... :smt100

Thanks in advance.... 8)
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Re: Module, Headlamp Pod Lift

Postby Burningflash » Tue 27.06.2023, 22:56

I have the module available
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Re: Module, Headlamp Pod Lift

Postby andrewp » Sun 17.09.2023, 02:01

actually, I have 8 or 10 spare modules.

Andrew P.
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Re: Module, Headlamp Pod Lift

Postby M100-NC » Sun 17.09.2023, 14:14

I'm a bit late to respond, but I also have several NEW modules available.

I'm in North Carolina, USA if that helps.


I am in the US and have a LARGE collection of M100 parts available for sale, both new and used.
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