Do I sell or do I keep

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Do I sell or do I keep

Postby Greyone » Sun 03.04.2022, 16:36

So here I am with an M100 with a few jobs to do. 71k and mine since the last 13 years' and to my shame I haven't gotten round to some of them. MOT till November but major jobs include a full respray and a hood. My problem is do I keep it and do the work needed or do I sell it for what I can get for it and focus on other things in my life - and of course regret selling it ever after, like so may cars I have owned before? I guess the respray is the biggie - Calypso Red and it's the lacquer that has failed in various places. Not quite sure why I am asking as some will say 'sell and buy a better one' some will say 'keep and do the work'...
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Re: Do I sell or do I keep

Postby FunElan » Sun 03.04.2022, 16:49

You could enjoy the car with blisters....when you're sat in the drivers' seat, none of the paint matters :-D
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Re: Do I sell or do I keep

Postby dapinky » Sun 03.04.2022, 17:18

I'm with him above!

Those that remember me from when I joined would never call either of my Elans 'good looking'.... but I sorted the mechanicals out and the driving was worth it!

Over the years I collected all the bits to 'do it up' and then 8 years or so ago got on with it..... however, I still get the same grin on my face now as I did when I first got one, so is it really worth it????

(well, yes, obviously! - but the point is, they can be great to drive even if they look a bit faded - it's only the onlookers who really worry about it, not the driver)

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually..... - but also temporary custodian of a project until it is finished enough for Angie to drive it

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Re: Do I sell or do I keep

Postby roy666 » Sun 03.04.2022, 18:09

I agree with the foregoing. I'm in the same dilemma; I have an engine to replace (some how) and I thought just get rid of the car and move onto something else. But.. just can't do it.. just too much fun when you get the car on top form and use it for what it was made for. So gonna have to raid the piggy bank and keep on going. Do the same!
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Re: Do I sell or do I keep

Postby Rambo » Sun 03.04.2022, 19:47

Use it and abuse it :burnout:
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Re: Do I sell or do I keep

Postby Simon_P » Mon 04.04.2022, 01:29

dapinky wrote:Over the years I collected all the bits to 'do it up'
... And the next one and the one after that!
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Re: Do I sell or do I keep

Postby Wortho » Thu 07.04.2022, 14:04

Have you thought about a DIY wrap?

I bought an Elan for spares a couple of years ago but when I picked the car up decided it would be a shame to break it. I have got the car back on the road and have even completed a track day in it. The paint work is in a pretty terrible state as someone started to rub it back with an electric sander and then abandoned the project. It has a bit of a mad max look about it and certainly attracts a lot of attention! My plan is to try a DIY wrap in JPS colours figuring that it can't look much worse than it is at the moment. I also invested in a hard top as the roof is also pretty shot.

Some of the comments on here are correct it doesn't affect how much fun it is to drive!
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Re: Do I sell or do I keep

Postby Simon_P » Thu 07.04.2022, 17:26

Keep it - Do the minimum cosmetically and whatever is needed mechanically then just enjoy it. Cosmetically tatty cars are really cool!
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Re: Do I sell or do I keep

Postby muley » Thu 07.04.2022, 20:05

My advice ~ keep it.

A wrap isn't particularly expensive. I've always fancied trying out a matt black wrap ...

..but you could have any pattern or colour under the sun
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