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Hello from new old member

Postby dans2 » Sat 17.04.2021, 15:12

Hi All,

Hope all are well? I have just reregistered as I could not access my previous account as DanS.

Joining back in as I am at the point of trying to decide what to do with my car, still thinking of getting back on the road..... :roll: ....but mostly thinking it might time to admit defeat and move it on!! :(

Welcome to LEC - please introduce yourself
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Re: Hello from new old member

Postby Jamie N » Sat 17.04.2021, 17:30

Hi Dan, the former option is the correct one. ;-)
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Re: Hello from new old member

Postby Saltire » Sat 17.04.2021, 19:26


But then we would say that, wouldn’t we? :twisted:

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Re: Hello from new old member

Postby MackieRM » Wed 19.05.2021, 06:25

Welcome back to the forums.
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Re: Hello from new old member

Postby Simon_P » Wed 19.05.2021, 09:18

You know you want to keep it!

Over the years I have had several cars like this either from being rested or restored. Looking back at your list there are a whole load of things but what state is the car in? and have you taken it for an MOT?

Give it a good service and take it for an MOT, let the MoT tester tell you what is wrong and fix that, then the rest are jobs that you want to do. Most of the jobs on your list are manageable if you look at them individually and don't try and rebuild the car while you are at it.
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