Making It Right

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Making It Right

Postby Jeemy2021 » Mon 19.04.2021, 19:17


Some of you may remember me as "Jeemy".

Some of you may hate me.

Where I am, is that I suffered some huge troubles, and this left me unable to fulfil orders for as I believe it, 3 sets of stainless steel wishbones, a couple of small orders for second-hand parts, and maybe some people left with rear hubs that had slip on the bearings.

Where I am:

- I have finally got hold of the wishbones suppliers. I have got the money together to pay for 5 sets and they should be ready in 2-3 weeks. As far as I know, there are 2 people I never supplied, and 1 person I refunded who still wants them.
- I can sort the s/h parts within the month
- WRT the hubs, I have no idea where I am. As far as I know, I took back in the incorrect parts and sent out my own personal ones. But its very possible, somebody is still needing these. It will cost me £3,000 to fix this. I have got this money coming within 4-5 weeks, and that's why I am posting now.

What I'll do:

- I am getting in contact with wishbone people first. They can either get wishbones, or get a refund. Wishbones will be 2-3 weeks. A refund will be 7-8 weeks (I have to make sure I get the actual wishbones, so regardless of what people want(ed) I have put money aside for those first, because this might be the last chance to get any).
- So I might need help getting in touch with people - when I got robbed, they took my computers, everything. Some stuff was on Dropbox, and I've contacted everybody, but just hit me up if I've missed something.
- S/H parts isn't really a worry, I just need to do it. They were stored seperately so missed in the robbery. It's just something I struggled with as I recovered. See below.
- and finally the hubs. The manufacturers promised me they'd fix everything. With the caveat that they'd do it as part of an actual order. I'm positioning myself so I can place an order for £3,000 worth of hubs and they'll hopefully discount me for the bad ones out of Batch 2. If they don't, well, s**t, its on me.

So as I have always said, you can contact me on my mobile, 07710 778 296. I appreciate that many people contacted me many times, and got many promises, and just gave up.

Mods can direct this to the right place but be very sure, everyone I let down, I will make it right.

It's just taken so, so long. No sob stories, but I am sure those of you who are self-employed will understand the risks I took. I never meant it to get this bad and I will pay back every red cent.

With love,

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Re: Making It Right

Postby HJ2 » Tue 20.04.2021, 09:54

If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got
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Re: Making It Right

Postby Rambo » Tue 20.04.2021, 18:56

Can I suggest you start reading here ? viewtopic.php?f=85&t=23198&hilit=Jeemy&start=120 You should find a few names of disgruntled customers who paid money and didn't receive items
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Re: Making It Right

Postby M100TURBOFR » Tue 20.04.2021, 19:09

Can I suggest this individual be banned from posting on LEC.
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Re: Making It Right

Postby ab2cv » Wed 21.04.2021, 20:12

Hi Jeemy,

I am one of the people that falls into the camp of receiving a hub kit that I subsequently had to return to you, due to the identified fault with the bearings being loose. I have since sold the Elan so have no need for a replacement set of hubs but if there is any possibility of even a partial reimbursement then obviously that would be an unexpected bonus.

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Re: Making It Right

Postby Rambo » Wed 21.04.2021, 21:20

I would hope, if Jeemy is true to his word, you would get a FULL refund Alan :?
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Re: Making It Right

Postby Dave Eds » Wed 21.04.2021, 22:17

ab2cv wrote:Hi Jeemy,

I am one of the people that falls into the camp of receiving a hub kit that I subsequently had to return to you, due to the identified fault with the bearings being loose. I have since sold the Elan so have no need for a replacement set of hubs but if there is any possibility of even a partial reimbursement then obviously that would be an unexpected bonus.

There’s always multiple sides to every story and I bear no grudges so I do wish you all the best in making amends with the folks on this great forum



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Re: Making It Right

Postby B_land » Wed 21.04.2021, 22:36

Just to confirm and register my situation on rear hub group buy 2 - Defective Parts. My parts were returned to Jeemy November 2016 but have heard nothing since not even a stat report- total outlay £176 + £11 return postage. :?:

Ever hopeful on a resolution
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Re: Making It Right

Postby tb10 » Thu 22.04.2021, 01:10

Dear All,

Whilst I was part of the original rear hub group buy, where I invested in 3 sets of hubs, I placed my trust in Jeemy to deliver from the get-go. At that time he did deliver and there are, to my knowledge, no issues with that first production run. Clearly, issues have arisen since and, had I invested further into the other group buys, I would have been exceptionally frustrated, cross, angry, incandescent.... take your pick of a number of descriptions at his abject failure to deliver parts that were safe to use or to deliver parts at all. It is regretful that Jeremy did go to ground for so long and during that time some members still remain active and are in need, or would like to upgrade their cars, some have moved on and sold their cars whilst some may have, sadly, passed away. Yes, looking at it in that way, it has been a substantial amount of time investors have been left in limbo and he has to be criticised for that.

However, whilst I was surprised that Jeemy had posted, it is entirely plausible that the chain of events he describes has affected him both business-wise and personally and perhaps his experiences are deeper than he asserts or wishes to divulge. That said, I note the comments from all sides of the 'Jeemy spectrum', but if Jeemy is able to resolve the outstanding issues, as he claims, then he should be allowed to do so. Those affected have everything to gain and nothing "more" to lose, save for possible further frustration, as they have already lost their money. Jeemy has asserted he will remedy those issues and I would like to think that he is allowed to do this. If he fails then he will have to deal with the consequences given that comments in an open forum are accessible to all. That would not be good for his online business and, if that is going to continue, then he will need to deliver. Of course, this experience does ring alarm bells for those who want to produce short runs of parts or those who want to invest in a group buy but are now very wary. That is a shame but it is what it is and decisions will have to be taken at the time of the group buy being mooted or listed.

Save for the initial purchase of my hubs, I do not know Jeemy, I have never spoken to Jeemy, I have no association with Jeemy and I have not been asked to post this here but I do want to see the best in people so I hope he delivers on his renewed promises.

regards to all,

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Re: Making It Right

Postby dapinky » Thu 22.04.2021, 10:30

John speaks with Common Sense and the Wisdom of age! (which, coming from a young lawyer, is flabbergasting to me)...

.... on a serious note, he is right in so many ways.

ADMIN hat on my head, and speaking on behalf of the rest of the team.....

I (personally) have no parts or goods outstanding, and am positioning myself on the sidelines, with a watching brief to ensure that things are conducted as well as they can be, given the circumstances.

Whilst I am always happy to try to resolve things where I can, and did in fact get involved in trying to sort out the issues with the 2nd Hub production run, once it became known that there were 'safety' issues, I am very much minded that (despite the 'common parlance' being used, and the possibility of people shouting "semantics" at me), none of these matters actually arose from a LEC "Group Buy" situation.

Now, John, being a good lawyer, will fully appreciate that carefully chosen words are of great benefit, and anyone who knows me will tell you that "why would I use a simple phrase/sentence when a paragraph of explanation will do!"

Anyway, back to "my" position - at the time that orders were placed, they were done so on an individual basis between the buyer and Jeemy (trading as SVS or whatever at the time).

Clearly, the goods were advertised via this Forum, and "we" were used as a bit of a 'shop window' with a receptive audience......

..... but it wasn't a 'Group Buy' - in fact, that very point was made by Jeemy quite early on.

As such, "we" had/have little actual say in anything that happened, and without looking like we don't care (because we certainly do!) about our community, there is not much that "we" can actually do.

That said, I am happy to be as involved in any realistic way to try to sort matters out, whether that be as a 'intermediary' to pass goods on, for those who don't wish personal contact with t he other party, or whatever else may get proposed.....

.... that said, there may not be anything I can actually do, so will remain watching.

From comments made it appears that Jeemy wants to put things right, and as John said, "What have you got to lose" by giving him a chance?

Clearly there are those who are ranging from "a little but peeved", through "quite cross", all the way up to "tamping" - and it is to be expected that this thread may give way to the odd comment which is intended as an expression of that emotion, and NOT actually expressing personal feelings towards others.

This is primarily what I will be watching for - please behave appropriately (I won't say 'nicely' or it may upset those who feel the urge to have a little rant!)

Jeemy, I say to you, realistically, people may take this opportunity to 'have a bit of a go' - please try to see it as it is, and allow it to settle, without getting into a heated argument.... people are only human.

I would urge anyone who is NOT directly affected to keep out of things as much as possible, as it may just cloud any progress.

I do hear those who are shouting for Jeemy to be hung from a lamp post and banned from LEC forever - but what would that achieve?

Basically, in the words of the late, great John Lennon, when talking about his vegetables for dinner.... "Give peas a chance".

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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Re: Making It Right

Postby Simon_P » Thu 22.04.2021, 13:56

tb10 wrote:Those affected have everything to gain and nothing "more" to lose,
Save for their dignity!
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Re: Making It Right

Postby GeoffSmith » Sun 25.04.2021, 18:59

Somewhat surprised to see you again, but credit to you if your intentions are honourable. I assume that you will address the issues of all those members who were sadly let down before you even think of drumming up any new business.

You mention the hubs: There was obviously something dangerously wrong about the specification and/or manufacture of the hubs and I offered to get someone competent to look at your drawings to try and assist you, but never received anything. As this is a serious safety issue and you don't want the same to happen again, I suggest you send the drawings to me as a matter of urgency.
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Re: Making It Right

Postby Matt RI » Mon 26.04.2021, 17:18

What Geoff said...

As one of the remaining people affected from the wishbone debacle- I can say that I do hope that you get your affairs in order.

I had not updated my situation on the forum, but after an immense amount of time and effort expended to get a response/solution/remediation- eventually resorting to police reports on two continents, tracking down past partners. dogged persistence, assistance from many on this forum (from those affected and not- thank you again), and finally connecting with and pestering a helpful Sergeant Detective- I did manage to get a large portion of my payment refunded. Not all of it- but at least a majority.

After making those with remaining issues whole, if you are going to try and return to supplying parts I would suggest that you put some time into figuring out an escrow system. Good on you if you can make things right and be a resource for hard to source parts. That would be an asset to this community. But I would not expect people lining up to buy any parts -even if it is the difference between having a functioning car or not- if there is not a trusted third party/intermediary to assure a successful transaction.

I have always rooted for you to succeed- but there is no way I could ever recommend anyone part with funds prior to having the parts in hand. The last go around was too frustrating and disappointing.

For you and for the people still left out of parts/money- I really hope that you can make good on your promises this time around. Good luck-
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Re: Making It Right

Postby Rambo » Sun 27.06.2021, 07:49

It's now been well over 2 months since Jeemy posted. So, did everyone get their wishbones and/or hubs. Or even get their money returned ?

Or was it all just more flim flam and bullshit ?
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Re: Making It Right

Postby Sleeka » Wed 30.06.2021, 05:01

I got nothing including no reply to my emails
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