New member help wanted on buying S2

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New member help wanted on buying S2

Postby Bluecat » Sat 06.11.2021, 10:51

Going to look at an azure Blue s2 on Car and Classic M100OUT, chatting to the owner and looking at the bills, it has a recurring problem with the lh headlamp coming up, owner says he has now fixed it as was a loose wire, but seems always to be the bushes in the mechanism disintegrating. Other bad bits on the car, hood is fading and starting to come apart at the top of the window, roof seals a bit tatty. Two things highlighted in the last service is the intercooler and sump damaged, these seem very expensive and tricky to replace. Should I walk away or have a look at this one, its a 4 hour round trip? Price is reasonable and room for some negotiation, but could be spending 3k almost straight away. Any help much appreciated
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Re: New member help wanted on buying S2

Postby Rambo » Sat 06.11.2021, 12:03

You need to do the spadework if you want to source a good M100 so go and have a look, even if you discount it. The more you view, the more informed you will be.

MOT history doesn't look too bad - the failures are all the usual stuff. Never heard of a damaged intercooler before ?? but a damaged or dented sump is fairly common as the car sits low and sleeping policemen tend to be too high :?
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Re: New member help wanted on buying S2

Postby clemo » Sun 07.11.2021, 17:13

Where are you located Bluecat?
It would be worth having a chat and look around someone locals car. We are more than happy to help out and show off our cars at the same time ... We are also a pretty honest lot so we will point out the not so great bits to look out for too .

As per any car condition is key. An S2 isn't always better even though it is slightly newer. I have had many Se's S2's and a few NA's over the years . Condition did not follow year of manufacturer.

All the best with your pending purchase . I hope we get to see your Elan soon .
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