Boost and performance - gauge vs ElanScan

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Boost and performance - gauge vs ElanScan

Postby MikeBromwich » Sun 12.09.2021, 16:09


I've recently bought an S2 - having owned an SE about 20 years ago.

The boost gauge never shows over about 0.4, and the car doesn't seem to have the mid-range pull which I remember. I know that the S2 is down on power a little compared with the SE - and my memory is pretty vague!

I've made a couple of runs with ElanScan - and this seems to show the boost reaching about 0.6 and the wastegate solenoid working as expected. I've also tested the valve on the bench - and it seems fine. I therefore expect that the fault is with the boost gauge or transducer under reading (rather than the MAP sensor over reading - if that is possible?).

Could somebody who understands these things have a quick look at the attached ElanScan file - and let me know whether it looks OK? The car drives fine - so I'd just like to double-check that I'm not missing anything.


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Re: Boost and performance - gauge vs ElanScan

Postby rip » Sun 19.09.2021, 22:11

The boost gauge is known to be inaccurate. It only gives a rough guide. The problem is often dirty contacts.
Elanscan is far more accurate. It logs data used by the car's ECU. The same is true for the temperature gauge. The gauge in the instrument panel runs from a different sensor so the car may believe the engine is cold when the gauge (& your own senses) tell you the engine is warm.
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Re: Boost and performance - gauge vs ElanScan

Postby Rocklobster » Mon 08.11.2021, 22:14

Looking at your elanscan, there's not a lot wrong (unless someone with more tech knowledge tells you otherwise). I've attached an elanscan from mine for reference, bear in mind mine's an SE with Everest Mountain chip, so there are differences in such values as the wastegate duty cycle, injector duty etc. (maybe due to the chip or maybe a heavy right foot, who knows). What i did notice was your coolant temp is higher, not excessive, mine seems to run at 80 deg whereas yours is 83. I wouldn't have thought it would make much difference.

I'd be looking at the basics. Service, decent spark plugs, set your base timing etc., check all of your jubilee clips to make sure you haven't got any boost leaks. Make sure your brakes are free and not binding.
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