New Owner of '91 Elan

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New Owner of '91 Elan

Postby jadamcyk » Wed 12.01.2022, 00:15

Hey everybody,

I'm about to take possession of a '91 Lotus Elan I recently purchased from an auction. I just wanted to say Hi and looking forward to participating in the community. I'm pretty active on a Mercedes forum for my other car (560SEC) so can't wait to learn more about this unique car.

I'm mainly planning to use the Elan as a daily driver and weekend cruiser. I'm a Los Angeles resident so i can't wait to take this out on the PCH and twisties.

Anyways check out the attached photos and take care.

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Re: New Owner of '91 Elan

Postby Rambo » Wed 12.01.2022, 10:37

Congratulations. Lovely colour and patina. I guarantee you'll love it :burnout:
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Re: New Owner of '91 Elan

Postby Jamie N » Wed 12.01.2022, 12:41

Welcome to LEC Justin. Car looks very nice. There is a mountain of information here so you have come to the right place. Enjoy your new toy!. :wink:
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Re: New Owner of '91 Elan

Postby TorqueHorse » Thu 13.01.2022, 16:00

Welcome! Car looks like fun, but I just saw you are having transmission problems :( Hope you are able to sort it soon and properly enjoy your new purchase!
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Re: New Owner of '91 Elan

Postby HJ2 » Mon 17.01.2022, 09:20

Good to see so many new owners lately on the forum (not FB)
Welcome aboard and I hope you'll get your problem solved quickly.
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Re: New Owner of '91 Elan

Postby MackieRM » Tue 08.03.2022, 08:10

That's a totally neat one! Welcome
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Re: New Owner of '91 Elan

Postby plannerphil » Fri 13.05.2022, 02:16

The car looks sharp!

I just bought a green one from a guy in Manhattan Beach. I live in Long Beach and look forward to meeting other Elan owners in SoCal. There are Elans in LA, SGV, Newport Beach, Riverside, and San Diego.
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