Elan maintenance book

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Elan maintenance book

Postby Malc » Thu 19.05.2022, 10:27

Does anyone know if this book is any good?

https://www.amazon.co.uk/LOTUS-ELAN-MAI ... C41&sr=8-1
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Re: Elan maintenance book

Postby Saltire » Thu 19.05.2022, 15:41

I haven’t seen the book “in the flesh”. However, looking at the description, it seems to be just an expensive logbook for you to note down maintenance activities, rather than any kind of instructional or reference manual. If I’m right, I personally would rather spend £3 on a simple lined notebook that I could annotate myself - but then I’m a well known cheapskate :lol:

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Re: Elan maintenance book

Postby exeterjeep » Fri 20.05.2022, 06:27

There are similar for other cars, they certainly seem to be 100 page notebooks with a pic on the front and back. Found one of these some months ago almost bought one until I had a closer read of the description.
And on ebay searched for .. MAINTENANCE AND RESTORATION BOOK.... comes up with a number.
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Re: Elan maintenance book

Postby Rambo » Fri 20.05.2022, 06:47

Looks like an expensive con to me. Just download the service notes from LEC for nowt, print off the relevant pages when you do some maintenace or repair, make notes alongside the instructions then file away.

Save yourself a tenner and donate to LEC instead :wink:
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