Looking for a clean and solid Elan M100

Elans wanted within North America

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Looking for a clean and solid Elan M100

Postby Jobu850 » Wed 25.05.2022, 23:26


I'm new to this forum after spend a few months as a lurker. I'm located in Utah and looking for a M100 to buy after sold one of my cars. It is getting incredible difficult to find one in this crazy market even through I am open to ANY color, but I will be greatly appreciate if you know anyone who might be interested to sell their or have any leads that are not listed in internet .

Interested in a clean, well-maintained car with stock wheels and any colors. I'm ok with under or over 100k if as long as it is well maintained.

My ideal budget range would be in low $20k. I know its a tall order especially in this market plus M100 is much rarer in US. It wouldn't hurt to try and ask for your help to find me a dream car.

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Re: Looking for a clean and solid Elan M100

Postby FunElan » Thu 26.05.2022, 16:40

Hey there - there are a few FS right now, I recommend using autotempest.com to find the ads as they can get buried. I know of a silver one in TN and a blue one in NY but both need a lot of work, but are under your budget by some margin. I also have the contact info for a guy who said he was "open to selling" about a year ago...not sure if he still has it. It's red, well maintained, less than 50k miles and in NJ. LMK if you want that.
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Re: Looking for a clean and solid Elan M100

Postby mrsemolina » Thu 28.07.2022, 20:52

Have a 91 red Elan in perfect condition. Can share mp4 with you, but need your e mail.
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